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Frequently Asked Questions

Whart is the Easyongpl Affiliate Program?

Affiliate program is partnership to mutully benefit the affiliated partner and easyongpl. Affiliate partner calls attention to traffic and diverting potentential customer to easyongpl. Affiliate partners can earn upto 60% commission on the generated sale.

How can i apply to the program?

Apply for the easyonongpl affiliate program by clicking above “Join Now For Free” button.

How much do ihave to pay to join the program ?

There are absolutely no cost involved in joining or being the part of easyongpl affiliate program.

How long does your tracking Cookies last?

The cookies placed in your visitor website 7 days.

What are the payment methods?

Affiliate have an option of receiving payments via paypal or bank transfer.

When wil i receive my payment?

All payouts will be done on 7th of each month once it verified by easyongpl.

How do i track the commission i have earned?

From your affiliate account you can track the commission .it will reflect in your affiliate  panel whenever a conversion made through affiliate can access the oveview of the conversions on the dashboard section and have a detailed report.

How are the commission rate for affiliate program?

We have defined commission rates in 4 different levels as show below and affiliate partner has achieve higher level to earn more commission.

What is the minimum withdrawal limit?

We have minimum Rs.1000 threshold limit and your withdrawal request only be approved once your earning verified.

Still have questions?

For any further queries please drop us an email an

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1000 Referrals