How to Update WordPress GPL Themes & Plugins

As you already know, at GPL Guru, we do not provide automatic updates & support for premium themes & plugins available at our website. If you would like these facilities you should buy directly from the developer and support them.

However, we do understand how much important it is to keep WordPress updated, therefore the following guidelines will help you in doing just that!

  1. Download the latest update from the website, if you have subscribed to us you can download the products from your Membership Downloads page. If you have bought an individual product, the same will be available in your My Account -> Downloads page.
  2. If you have not already, install and activate Maintenace plugin for your WordPress site, and turn on the maintenance when you area upgrading your plugins or themes and once done, turn off the maintenance.
  3. In your WordPress installation, install and activate Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin from WordPress Repository. easy upgrade
  4. Just go to your Plugins -> Add plugins page and upload the updated plugin as you would install any new plugin. install new plugin
  5. Before activating, download the backup for the previous version.download backup
  6. Activate the latest version of the plugin or theme on your WordPress website.

That’s it!

Easy theme & plugin upgrades plugin helps in keeping your website up to date from the front end and also provide you a backup of your previous version.

Important: You should always keep the latest backup of your website before making any major change to your website. We have both Backupbuddy & updraft plus available at easyongpl.com which can help you with the same.

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